AfrikaBurn 2018

AfrikaBurn 2018

Venue: AfrikaBurn


When: 04-23-2018

Timing: 1:00 pm

Attendants: 851

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Info: In our 12th year, we once again gather to build, create, perform, share and dream on the blank canvas of the Tankwa! To create the magic of Tankwa Town takes a lot of hard work - and only together can we perform the magic of building a temporary city, filling it, and then making it vanish, leaving no trace. If you're looking for something to do, build or bring - and you should be - our theme this time round is "Working Title________", which provides some pointers and inspiration. If you'd like to dig into the theme, head this way: To get prepared, there's some highly recommended reading. First up, read the 11 principles that underpin everything about the experience you're now headed towards. They're available in 10 languages, including isiXhosa and isiZulu: Then there's our utterly, critically and completely essential reading - the Survival Guide - which you'll find along with other important links on our Preparation page: TICKETS? Here's the deal: because this isnít a spectator sport, project crews are afforded the benefit of direct access to tickets. So, consider creating a Collective, and then registering a project Ė so you can request Direct Distribution Tickets and avoid the bunfight in our limited 48-hour sales. If you're looking for info on tickets, head to our Tickets page: Know anyone who could use the info above? Share it with them, thanks. Onward to the dust! (thanks to Jeanne Kepaan for the gorgeous Working Title artwork you see above)