SOLD OUT! Burning Toilet Paper Roll Man TEN

SOLD OUT! Burning Toilet Paper Roll Man TEN

Venue: Minneapolis Fire Collective


When: 01-13-2018

Timing: 8:00 pm

Attendants: 94

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Info: SOLD OUT! Wooohoooo! For the 10th year, we will celebrate Burning Toilet Paper Roll Man! It started as a backyard party to spoof Burning Man, and it just keeps happening, year after year, one way or another! SPECIAL VENUE for this year! The House of Balls will be hosting us! This is an INCREDIBLE art space, and we will block off the central part of the parking lot for outdoor Burning festivities! Plan to be OUTSIDE at scheduled times for this event. Dress funky, yet appropriate for the weather! Bonus points for wearing lots of lights! *****Important to note our Venue Challenges***** Space - we will be limited to 100 people max - for realz... please don't bug me if you don't get a ticket, and don't show up without one. Parking - basically zero parking will be available at our venue. Scour the crowded streets, or better yet, take the LIGHTRAIL! The House of Balls is basically AT the Cedar/Riverside Station (Blue Line), so that's easy! Make that happen! You won't regret it! There is an admission charge for this event. The Man and Temple will be funded as usual. Our incredible venue, DJs, door people, bartenders, and event assistants will be paid. With our special venue, and limited tickets available, our costs may feel high, but believe me, it will be an incredible night of music, art, and fire, in an incredible location, that you won't wanna miss. Thank you for supporting our venue, crew, artists, and this event! ***ONLY 100 TICKETS AVAILABLE*** Click the link to grab your ticket through Brown Paper Tickets, posted above. $20 Early PAYPAL ONLY Tickets - Available Dec 13 and 14 only $27 Gen Admit Pre-Sale (any payment method), starting Dec 15 $35 Cash at the door - if there are even any left, but I am pretty sure this will sell out. And this is a ridiculous price, so get yours in advance! ** Kids Under 12 may attend for FREE. Kids are welcome and encouraged to attend our outdoor Burns! Kid friendly until 10:30 pm, then this event is for adults only. No need to print any tickets - there will be a list at the door! Put the correct name on each ticket, which you may edit later which isn't that hard, but just do it. Trust me, just do it! ***GENERAL SCHEDULE OF EVENTS!*** 8:00 - 9:30...... Studio open, Outdoor Community BTPRM Art Show dress warm. 9:30 - 10:30.... WE BURN STUFF, please plan to participate in this Burn We'll burn the BTPRMan, followed by all Community Art (see below about making ART!) Midnight.... Temple BURN outside (silent burn, yo, yeah?) ********* )*( Don't be late for the BURNS! )*( ******* *DJs! 8 - 9:30 AND 10:30 - 11:15: DJ Sir Cumference (Zach Tauer) 11:15 - midnight AND 12:20 - 2:00: DJ Growltiger (Eric Steins) *The BTPRMan and Temple are currently under construction! If you want to help with anything, lemme know! Seeking a few volunteers for a few random things. Stay tuned for event needs, to be posted. *Donation Cash Bar - please plan to support the studio bar which will be stocked up! (No underage drinking, mind yourself and others, thanks.) ART THEME(S): YOU HAVE CHOICES! Burning Man 2018 Theme: I,Robot OR TTATC8 2018 Theme: Infinity ***HAVE YOU BUILT YOUR ART YET?!? Get on it!*** No, I dont want your toilet paper rolls, please build your own burnable art out of them. Bonus points for full burn effect, easy peasy clean up art no metals, use the least toxic glue that works, etc, etc. No art is too small..... bring it on! There have been some seriously amazing BTPRM Art pieces through the years! Love em! ALL art will be Burned at the event, by being placed on the coals of the Man which will be a bit smaller this year. Please create your art no bigger than 3' x 3' this year - thanks! The Man and the Temple builds have been pre-arranged, but please contact me if youd like to assist, Id be happy to point you in the right direction! Fire dancing is welcome and encouraged, of course! Pre-Burn fire dancers from 9:30 - 10 particularly welcome! - Must have your own props and fuel, and a clear mind to dance with fire. A safety watch and sobriety is required, and will be strictly monitored. No fuckin around - thanks! Dress warm, wear boots, and come ready to BURN! Light up your night including yourself, your stuff, and dress to impress to hang out and dance the night away! It will be fantastic to light up and heat up a chilly MN night with all of you cant wait! <3 Fire Mama