Kiwiburn 2018 Rideshare

Kiwiburn 2018 Rideshare

Venue: Kiwiburn: New Zealand's Regional Bu


When: 01-24-2018

Timing: 10:00 am

Attendants: 50

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Info: Need a ride to Kiwiburn? Have space in your car? We know itís hard enough fitting a tent, food, drink, costumes and firetoys into your car when itís not the Tardis, tho if you can squeeze one more thing in, like a person and their gear, then that would be sweet! Use this page to ask what you need or can offer the community. Please *do not* turn up on the Paddock before 24 January 2018 unless you have pre-approved Early Entry. You will be directed to nearby Vinegar Hill to camp until Gate opens. note: There will be a Rideshare board on site during the event by the Depot.