Morris Burner GoFundMe

Morris Burner GoFundMe

Venue: Morris Burner Hostel


When: 04-13-2018

Timing: 11:00 pm

Attendants: 15

Facebook Link:

Info: Imagine a place where people can be themselves, freely and un-judged. A place where art is created and admired. A place where the 10 Principles are applied, a communal experiment has come to life. A place unlike any other, where burners teach and learn. Where artist make, where harmony is a virtue. This place, the Morris Burner Hostel is the effect of many who gave so much, so freely. Jim Gibson opened the doors and brought so many of us to a place we call home. As we grew, changes were bound to happen. We are now in desperate need of help to keep this wonderful thing moving. We need your help in this great hour of time. This is a cyber bookmark for the recent struggles and the campaign to raise funds to continue operating. Watch a video on our recent struggle. and please consider donating to our GoFundMe. To learn more about the Morris Burner Hostel, please go to